eCommerce System Functionality Checklist

published on 09 March 2013

At Meta Section, we love checklists. We have checklists for everything (well almost). We strive for process optimization. This aids in speed, quality, and thoroughness. Whenever we start on an eCommerce project for a customer, we refer back to this checklist to make sure all of the site basics are covered.

Note: If you want to read more about using Checklists, check out The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande

Simplicity and Ease of Use

Mobile friendly?
Can you operate this product, platform, or site?
Is it too complex or sophisticated for your needs?
Will you need to add staff to support it?
Is there an excellent search feature?

Dashboard and Metrics

Can you see where your orders are coming from?
Do you know what your most popular products are?

Payment Processing

Our favorite topic!
Gateway integrations? Your merchant account?
Fee structure?
Split Tender?
Gift and Loyalty Cards?
Payment plans or deferred billing?
Donations and Charity?

Catalog Management

Does the catalog management system support all of the product modifiers that you have? Size, Color, multi-dimensional, etc.

Social Integration

Can you publish your content?
Leverage social media within the order processing workflow?

Discounts, Offers, and Coupons

Does the system have built in coupons and offers? Integrations with third party platforms?

Upsell and Free Gifts

Does the system offer promotional items?
Addons to common items?
Free gifts when levels are hit?

Content Management

How To articles?
About page?
SEO Content?
Compliant Privacy and Terms of use statements?
Gift guide?

Customer Contact

Customer reviews managed onsite or with third party?
Moderation system?

Customer Contact

Does the system allow you to build custom contact forms?
How about adding Live Help?


Integrated and third party loyalty program support?
Special Offers for loyal customers?
Rewards for specific behavior? For example, like us and get 1000 points.
Referral program?

Order Processing and Tracking

How does the system process the orders? How are you notified?
Does the system support automatic re-orders?

Shipping and Handling

Does the system support the shipping API’s and functionality that you need? For example, you want to ship variable weight and size items in multiple boxes via the UPS API.
Handling charges?
Delivery Fees?
Gift and special packaging services?

Pickup and Delivery

Does the system support pickup and delivery?
Hours of Operation?
Perishable items?

Physical, Digital, and Perishable Goods

Is your product type or types supported? Does it work well?

Marketplace Integration


Multi-Store Support

Do you operate multiple stores?
Do you ship from the local facility?

Cart Management and Wish Lists

Abandoned cart notifications or reminders?
Can the customer store items for later reference?

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